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The gym at the Krasnaya Pakhra resort is equipped with modern professional Kraft Fitness equipment. Cardiovascular machines are represented by all popular types: exercise bikes, treadmills and elliptical trainers. For strength training with free weights, the hall is equipped with various benches, dumbbells, discs, barbells, dumbbell rows and Smith machines. For strength training, we also provided simulators with built-in weights: multistation, power systems, cravings and “butterfly”. During the daytime, our experienced instructor conducts an introductory briefing for everyone who wants to help draw up a program to get the most out of training. For the convenience of our guests, the gym has individual lockers, bathrooms with showers and hair dryers, and a cooler. The gym is open around the clock. For guests of the resort, a gym is a free service. For guests not staying at the resort, one-time visits as well as season tickets are provided.

Exercise Room:

For the treatment and health promotion of guests at the Krasnaya Pakhra Resort, a gymnastics hall is equipped. The gymnastics hall is equipped with modern fitness equipment:
  • gymnastic balls
  • bodybuilders
  • rubber dampers
  • step platforms
  • choreographic machine
  • etc.
Every day, highly qualified specialists of the Krasnaya Pakhra Resort conduct physical therapy, body exercises, joint and breathing exercises. At our resort, individual and group exercises are conducted in various pathologies, and guests are rehabilitated.

Outdoor equipment:

The complex of street simulators of the resort "Krasnaya Pakhra" is equipped with modern simulators of the original design and is divided into simulators designed for cardio exercise, street simulators for hands and pectoral muscles, street simulators for legs and lower back, as well as horizontal bars and bars. The constructions of the simulators allow to achieve maximum load without overvoltage.
Exercises in the fresh air improve not only physical health, but also an emotional state.

For guests of the resort, visiting the complex of outdoor exercise machines is a free service.


Nothing brings together the excitement of a team game, a sense of responsibility for the result of their team and the opportunity to bring personal contribution to the treasury of common sporting achievements. And all these pleasures are available in the gym of the resort “Krasnaya Pakhra”. The spacious gymnasium with universal marking and mobile equipment is ideal for playing football, volleyball, tennis, badminton and basketball.


Walking on the path is a walk for the purpose of recovery in the natural environment, in the fresh air. For the guests of the Resort, several routes of the Terrenkour have been developed, ranging fr om 600 to 1000 meters. The necessary equipment (Nordic walking poles) is provided to guests free of charge.

Universal Sports Ground:

The Krasnaya Pakhra resort presents an open universal sports ground for outdoor games and outdoor activities, which is an important attribute of a healthy lifestyle. Designed for playing tennis, football, basketball, volleyball and other sports, as well as for power gymnastics. It meets all modern requirements for planar sports facilities for mass physical training. All the necessary equipment for sports activities for guests of the resort is available for rent.


In winter, an outdoor ice rink is open for children and adults at the Krasnaya Pakhra resort. The ice cover is always in perfect condition, so it is very pleasant to ride here and experienced skater and novice. Pleasant music will add dynamism to your rest. If you forgot to bring your skates with you, the rental of winter sports equipment works.

Table tennis tables:

Table tennis is both an exciting game and the ability to maintain your body in optimal physical shape. For fans and fans of this sport in the resort "Krasnaya Pakhra" there are special tennis tables. In addition, at your request, experienced sports instructors will teach the basics of the game, which will allow you to achieve really impressive results in the shortest possible time. Rackets and pin-pong balls for guests of the resort are available for rent.

Ski track and ice-hill:

In winter, near the territory of the resort “Krasnaya Pakhra” it is pleasant to ski. The ski slope is located in a picturesque forest and winds through the hills with safe open slopes.

On the territory of the resort “Krasnaya Pakhra” there is an ice-hill, wh ere not only children, but also adults can ride!

All the necessary equipment you can rent.
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