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Modern sanatorium of the Moscow region "Krasnaya Pakhra" Лучший отель сети АМАКС

At 25 kilometers from the MKAD along the Kaluga highway, the new AMAKS resort "Krasnaya Pakhra" is located, which is distinguished by its versatility, combines the best traditions of a classic sanatorium with a modern level of service of a four-star European-class hotel.

The sanatorium-resort complex has comfortable conditions for living and improving the health of adults and children. The guests are served according to the corporate standards of the AMAKS Hotels &Resorts hotel chain. The Company's mission sounds like a "home away from home", so our main task is to make every guest feel at home at the Krasnaya Pakhra Resort! More detailed
The seven-storey building includes 259 cozy rooms with all amenities, as well as:
-medical department
-restaurant and lobby bar
-aquazone (swimming pool 25 m., children's pool with cascade shower, sauna)
-sports and gyms.
-conference rooms

The territory of the resort includes:
-universal sports ground
-sports simulators
-children's playground
- Hobbit Land Rope Park
-a tent for festive events
-gazebos and barbecue areas
-barefoot therapy
-apothecary's garden
-living corner
-trails for terrencourt
- parking for cars


Горящие предложения


Pension tariff — up to 20% discount%

The best gift and manifestation of attention and care for the people of the older generation is a therapeutic and wellness vacation. Book tours with a discount of up to 20%!

Krasnaya Pakhra Resort Privilege Program

Krasnaya Pakhra Resort has developed a loyalty program specifically for regular guests.

Installments without banks and without interest directly from the Krasnaya Pakhra Resort

Now the rest has become much closer than you think due to installments for 6 months WITHOUT overpayments, WITHOUT banks, directly from the Krasnaya Pakhra Resort.

Reasons to book a trip right now

  • Convenient location.

The resort is located in New Moscow, 25 km along the Kaluga highway. You can get to Krasnaya Pakhra by private car or taxi, or by public transport: the way from the metro station "Teply Stan", or the metro station "Olkhovaya" to the stop "45 km of Kaluga highway" will take only 30 minutes, and from there by free transfer of the resort. The schedule of the free transfer of the Krasnaya Pakhra resort:

- 14:00 Krasnaya Pakhra resort - stop "45 kilometer". Parking in front of the Auto Parts store. Every day except Sunday.

- 17:00 stop "45 kilometer". Parking in front of the Auto Parts store - Krasnaya Pakhra resort. Every day except Sunday.

  • Excellent ecology.

Lovers of comfortable rest get a unique chance to escape from the polluted suffocating metropolis, change the situation, enjoy the closeness with pristine nature, replenish its life-giving energy and get positive emotions.

  • European service.

The Krasnaya Pakhra resort combines the best traditions of a classic sanatorium with a modern level of service of a 4-star European-class hotel. The resort complex has comfortable living conditions and guest service according to the best standards of hospitality. Under the roof of the seven-storey building there is a room fund of 259 comfortable rooms with all amenities and a common infrastructure: a medical department, a restaurant, an aqua zone, sports and gym halls, conference halls, a cinema concert hall, a lobby bar. At any time of the year and in any weather, without leaving the building, guests of the resort can receive a full range of services.

  • Treatment and recovery.

Krasnaya Pakhra is the only sanatorium in the Moscow region where the Ust—Kachkinsky iodine-bromine mineral waters and therapeutic mud with a miraculous effect are used. The unique natural complex has a powerful hormone normalizing and anti-inflammatory effect. It offers individual treatment and diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs, various types of pneumonia, including those caused by the Covid -19 virus, and other ailments, as well as specialized medical and wellness programs for adults and children.

  • Beauty and health.

Anti-stress, anti-cellulite, relaxing, rejuvenating programs will help to improve physical fitness and get rid of accumulated fatigue, stress, and get a visible rejuvenating effect both physical and spiritual.

  • Versatility.

The Krasnaya Pakhra resort is open to everyone all year round. Treatment, relaxation and SPA, family holidays, holidays with children, a romantic weekend, entertainment for the elderly and friendly companies, corporate events – all this can be found at the Krasnaya Pakhra resort.

Specialized treatment program "Be healthy, baby!"
The program is aimed at increasing the resistance of the child's body to infections
Specialized treatment program "Antistress"
Neuroses and neurosis-like states, astheno-neurotic syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and emotional burnout.
Specialized treatment program "Healthy youth"
Prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, strengthening of immunity, prevention of viral diseases
Target program "Anti‑Age"
The program promotes correction of biological age, activation of mental activity, improvement of metabolism, restoration of elasticity and turgor of the skin
Specialized treatment program "Strong Immunity"
Prevention and prevention of the progression of respiratory diseases of a non-tuberculosis nature, treatment after caronavirus and pneumonia, treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, treatment of emphysema, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, frequent colds. The program is aimed at increasing the reactivity of the bronchopulmonary system, strengthening the body's immune system, and improving the quality of life.
The program "Prevention of Covid - 19" in the sanatorium "Krasnaya Pakhra"
normalization of the immune system functions, increase of the body's resistance to infection, improvement of the psycho-emotional state, treatment of chronic diseases
Sanatorium and resort program
diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, musculoskeletal system, female genital organs and reproductive system
The program "Easy gait" in the sanatorium "Krasnaya Pakhra"
Prevention and treatment of arthrosis, osteoporosis, osteochondrosis of the spine, initial destructive and degenerative changes of the joints
Specialized rehabilitation program for oncological diseases
Oncological formations of the 1st and 2nd st, 3-12 months after surgical treatment, radiation or chemotherapy, with no signs of relapse and metastases
Specialized treatment program "Healthy Heart"
Prevention and prevention of the progression of diseases of the cardiovascular system
Target program "Beauty and Health"
normalization of immune system functions, improvement of psychoemotional state, regeneration and return of facial skin contours, restoration of skin structure and stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis.
Specialized wellness program "Tonus"
Chronic fatigue syndrome, neuroses, depression, sleep disorders, diseases of the autonomic nervous system, energy imbalance of the body, loss of strength<br>
Wellness and recreation
Emotional uplift, improvement of appearance and physical condition, restoration of strength, harmonization of family relations.
  • For children.

Krasnaya Pakhra Resort has implemented the AMAKS Kids project – a creative, entertaining project for children from 4 to 14 years old. Boys and girls are offered a variety of leisure activities: a children's play club with a tutor, fun animation, excursions, creative classes, a playground, a swimming pool and a special children's film screening. Everything is thought out: in the "Krasnaya Pakhra" there are comfortable cots, high chairs for feeding and a special children's menu on the Swedish line. 

And also during the holidays, the resort hosts the project "School of Masters" - where children can try themselves in different professions and fields of activity (dancing, acting, cooking classes, vocals, art and much more).

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