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Krasnaya Pakhra Resort Privilege Program

For its regular guests, the Krasnaya Pakhra resort offers a loyalty program, which is very easy to become a member of. Regularly staying at the Krasnaya Pakhra resort, you get additional discounts and privileges of the program participants. Loyalty program cards are cumulative, so the more time you spend at our resort, the higher the status of your permanent guest card will be.

"Complimentary" Card 5% Discount%

5 arrivals for any period
or 25 nights of accommodation
(in total)

Premium Card 10% Discount%

10 arrivals for any period
or 40 days of stay
(in total)

Elite Card 15% Discount%

15 arrivals for any period
or 60 days of stay
(in total)

Exclusive Card 20% Discount%

20 arrivals for any period
or 80 days of stay
(in total)


Discounts on the discount card apply to all services of the resort without exception:

— All types of vouchers
— Accommodation
— Medical services
— Rental of gazebos
— Lobby bar dishes
— Room-servise menu
— Laundry service
— Sports equipment rental
— Rental of bicycles and velomobiles

Discounts under the Loyalty Program are combined with all promotions and special offers of the resort (with the exception of those Promotions in which there is an indication to the contrary).

We will be glad if you become regular guests of the Krasnaya Pakhra resort and take advantage of all the advantages!

Conditions of participation in the AMAKS PRIVILEGES PROGRAM "Krasnaya Pakhra Resort":

— Any of our guests who booked a ticket directly, that is, in the sales department of the resort by phone or e-mail or on the official website can become a participant of the program // /. Without the participation of travel agencies and companies, travel operators, Internet portals, and other online booking systems.
— The number of days (or visits, which is more beneficial for the guest) that the participant spent directly at the resort is taken into account. The number of days (visits) spent at the resort by members of the participant's family is not taken into account.
— The discount card is nominal, and its effect extends to the Loyalty Program participant and his family members (spouses, parents, children).
— When moving to a new level, a Loyalty Program participant must hand over an existing discount card and receive a new one upon departure.
— Discounts on the discount card are provided upon presentation of the card, in the absence of a card, discounts are not provided.
— A discount card must be provided at the time of service accrual. The cost of services accrued without a discount is not subject to recalculation. In case of loss of the card, a member of the Loyalty Program can get a duplicate of it by contacting the reception and accommodation service of the resort.


Discounts on the discount card of the chain Hotels are distributed:
— Voucher "Sanatorium treatment"
— Voucher "Specialized medical programs
— "Wellness vacation" package
— Accommodation


All materials and prices posted on the site are for reference purposes and are not a public offer determined by the provisions of Article 437 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. To get the final price of the tour, use the online booking form on the website or contact the sales department of the resort by phone: +7 (499) 55-000-99

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