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I'm resting from 15.02 to 29.02! I remember the great massage therapist Ali! A very good approach to massage, an excellent master!!! I love him. I express my gratitude to him from the bottom of my heart! Gleb gets along perfectly with children and holds a disco every day; huge respect for him! The reception staff at the pool are very kind, they work quickly, they try to pay attention to everyone!

Pavel, Electric steel

We had a rest in February 2024, we really liked the program organized for leisure. Incendiary and professional Arthur, leading all kinds of activities. I just lit up all week, it was very cool to learn the elements of the rumba and practice under the zumba. Thank you for an active and pleasant stay!

Marina, Moscow

I had a rest in the sanatorium in January for 10 days. The rest was wonderful! I lived in a beautiful single room that I didn't want to leave. I was very pleased with the professional medical care. I am a medic with a lot of experience, so I can tell the good from the bad. Special thanks to Dr. Murai Nadezhda Petrovna, who took into account all my wishes, was attentive and polite. And I would like to thank the massage therapist Ali - golden hands. The food in the restaurant is beyond praise. It is delicious, varied, and there is always a choice of dietary dishes. And on Fridays, the restaurant serves wine and live music. It's just a celebration! I definitely recommend this sanatorium!

Nina, Moscow

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