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Special offers of the Krasnaya Pakhra resort

Early booking
Plan your vacation at the Krasnaya Pakhra resort in advance and get discounts of up to 15% on the "Earlier booking" promotion.
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Pension tariff — up to 20% discount%
The best gift and manifestation of attention and care for the people of the older generation is a therapeutic and wellness vacation. Book tours with a discount of up to 20%!
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Special tariff for military personnel
A special tariff for military personnel is a 25% discount on vouchers with treatment for 7 days or more.
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Krasnaya Pakhra Resort Privilege Program
Krasnaya Pakhra Resort has developed a loyalty program specifically for regular guests.
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Happy Birthday!
Enjoy your vacation and receive gifts from the Krasnaya Pakhra resort in honor of your significant event!
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Installments without banks and without interest directly from the Krasnaya Pakhra Resort
Now the rest has become much closer than you think due to installments for 6 months WITHOUT overpayments, WITHOUT banks, directly from the Krasnaya Pakhra Resort.
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