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Treatment and rehabilitation

Close to the ring road in a beautiful area of the Moscow region is a unique place – sanatorium "Krasnaya Pakhra". Here you can relax away from the hustle and bustle, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In addition, there are many architectural monuments, ancient temples and beautiful parks.

That are treated in the sanatorium?

In the sanatorium "Krasnaya Pakhra" contains unique natural healing factors, which allow you to recover from many diseases of internal organs. Experts of the resort have accumulated considerable experience of successful rehabilitation in diseases of the heart, vascular system, respiratory and female genital organs. A variety of therapeutic programs to help patients with skin diseases, endocrine system and musculoskeletal system.

Methods of treatment in the sanatorium

Sanatorium "Krasnaya Pakhra" has a lot of modern devices for the treatment and prevention of diseases. The most effective of them are:
  • apparatus "Поток1" for medicinal electrophoresis;
  • amplipulse therapy for nerve stimulation and relieve pain;
  • treatment of low-frequency magnetic field on the apparatus "polimag";
  • pulsed laser therapy;
  • ultrasonic impact.

Medical factors used in the sanatorium

In addition to modern equipment, the resort Krasnaya Pakhra widely used unique natural resources of Central Russia. Successful treatment depends on the use:

  • unique sulfide silt therapeutic muds of old field;
  • Tambukansky mud;
  • bromide mineral water of the Ust-Pitching;
  • bishoping solution of the Volgograd deposits.

Therapy is conducted with the help of baths, therapeutic showers sharko and Vichy, an application of mud. Such a treatment is effective for many diseases. In addition, the resort has speleological chamber, which uses a climate with air saturated with salts.

What else is dependent successful treatment?

98% of patients after a course of treatment in the sanatorium successfully get rid of many problems. It is not only a unique medical base, but with more experience and qualification of personnel. Medical specialists working for about 20 years and have the highest category, will select the treatment program that most effectively will work.

Sanatorium "Krasnaya Pakhra" year-round for business. Come here to relax and recuperate.

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